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Square Rail

Square Rail


Our adjustable square rails are here! Choose your own height from 11-13-15” tall! These square rails are more beginner friendly than our round ones. They are skinner in width compared to competitor's rails! Making it easier to lock into tricks. Make one side higher than the other for an up/down rail. The feet on this rail can even go vertical to allow you to hit the rail sooner. They won't be moving anywhere with rubber anti skid pads on the bottom. Store your rail in your car, apartment, house or wherever! The rails are by far our most portable Features, take them to any spot or skate them in the comfort of your own home!



-Height: 11-13-15in

-Feet Width: 18in

-Length: 6ft 

-Weight: 35lbs

  • Local Delivery Policy



    1. Fill out the shipping details with the address you would like your ramp to be delivered at. 

    2. Select the the cheapest Local Delivery option the site shows you. 

    3. If your address is not inside our max Local Delivery radius of 50 mi, contact us and we can work out a custom rate for local delivery! 

  • Care Instructions

    Do not leave Skate Feature in the rain.

    Best idea is to store inside or in a dry location when not in use.

    If you need to leave Skate Feature outside, a plastic tarp is a great way to protect it.


    In the unlikely event that something breaks on your Skate Feature, let us know and we'll fix it free of cost. 

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