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"Seattle Skate Features built us an extremely well built quarter pipe for less than competing prices! My three sons are thrilled!


They delivered it to our home, were on time and super cool and personable. I’d recommend this company to anyone looking for a skate ramp! You will be very pleased!”


"I bought Seattle Skate Features' quarter-pipe and a week later was back for their kicker.


They create a solidly built, handcrafted, high quality product, and their customer service is top-notch." 



"Seattle Skate Feature rules. And you should buy a ramp from them. That’s all I really need to say, but I will go on.


This is a fantastic business and we are so lucky to have them in the Northwest. Massimo and Luca drove from Seattle to Portland on a Saturday morning, showed up on time with everything pre-cut and ready to go and in 5 hours they built us a 2 x 8 mini halfpipe of premium quality and integrity.


The price was comparable to anything we might have ordered online, but better yet, we got to meet two young people whose dedication to craft and maturity belie their years.


I 100% recommend Seattle Skate Features to anyone who asks, including you, dear consumer, because you will be so happy with their work. And then you will be able to skate on something cool, and you will be even happier. And then your happiness will shine onto others and those people will be happy and pretty soon we may have a movement. A movement of shiny happy people. And that’s what the world needs."

-Rob Cleland, Out of State Satisfied Customer

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