1x3' Quarter Pipe

1x3' Quarter Pipe


Great quarter pipe for all level skaters. Perfect for those who are just learning to drop in, or more advanced skaters learning new tricks. With an option for an angle iron on the back and designed to fit in the trunk of most cars, this can be your very own portable skate park! It is a very versatile Feature and is very portable. Overall super fun Feature!



-Height: 1ft
-Width: 3ft
-Length 46in
-Weight: 70lbs

  • How to Order

    Please contact us by text message or email to let us know: Your Name, what you want, where you want it, how you want to pay, and any other questions you have.


    We Accept: Venmo/Cash App/Cash

    Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks

    Free Delivery In the Seattle Area




  • Care Instructions

    Do not leave skate feature in the rain.

    Best idea is to store inside or in a dry location when not in use.

    If you need to leave Skate Feature outside, a plastic tarp is a great way to protect it.


    In the unlikely event that something breaks on your Skate Feature, let us know and we'll fix it free of cost.